7.8 Release Notes and New Features.

    3012    Script to test e-mail configuration

    4119    Customizable user types in Portal

    4231    Periodic time indication

    4425    Gateway authentication with IP only

    4594    MediaControl endpoint info in CQR

    4612    Daily per-hour call report

    4613    Report call statistics per extension

    4642    System tag for emergency calls

    4665    Call recording on demand: send recordings to voicemail box

    4668    3-way conference through CTI

    4717    Route given public number to corresponding gateway

    4774    Support anCall in Portal

    4859    Group call pickup

    4882    Option to hide Call Hold from B side

    4918    Optionally define To header for inbound routing

    5007    Replace from number with diversion number

    5012    Voicemail notification is cleared after voicemail is listened in Portal

    5042    anConnect operation in private and public IP networks

    5097    Outbound Caller ID

    5103    Implement phone book numbers to PBX numbers conversion servlet (anConnect mobile apps)

    5116    Play DTMF through CTI

    5177    Option to keep sending MoH despite Media Attribute “inactive”

Changes Required

As has been discussed recently there are some upgrades ready to be applied on your system:

  • AS7 from 7.8.0 to 7.8.2
  • AnConnect Server (merged matrix version from 1.47.1 to 1.58.1) including a SIP-bridge merging to version 1.3.1
  • AnMeet upgrade to latest Jitsi community development (unversioned)

AnConnect Server:

SIP Bridge 1.3.1:

  • Display Name Support


  • New Anmeet-web GUI
  • Rework GUI look and feel
  • Remove unnecessary menu points
  • Change Logo

AnConnect/AnMeet GUI Change:

New Old

Updated on 20 September 2022

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