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Adding MaxCloud UC to the Desktop (Edge users)

In Edge Using the Download Icon.

Log into the MaxCloud client on your computer. In the address bar you should see the following options:

Click on the icon that has been highlighted above. This should open a window:

Click on Install, this should open up an option window:

Choose the settings that are required by using the check boxes. Now click Allow.

This should now create the shortcut to the desktop if selected and pins if selected.

Adding using the menu options

Open the MaxCloud UC using Edge, after logging in click on the ellipsis at the right of the address bar and select Apps:

Now click Install MaxCloud UC. A window should appear saying that the install can go ahead, click install.

Now you should be redirected to the application and asked to give the permissions:

Check the boxes to give the application permission to any option you require. Now click on Done.

Updated on 23 March 2022

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