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Placing an order for CoreInteract


This guide is a step-by-step process of how to place an order for CoreInteract in Microsoft Teams.

Before you can place a CoreInteract order, please ensure the following is done:

  • You must be an Altigen Reseller
  • The customer must first be setup. Contact Altigen Support who will create the new customer in the portal and assign them to the reseller.
  • You need to have access to your Altigen Teams Service Portal. If you can not recall your Altigen Teams Service Portal log in credentials, please reach out to Altigen Support.
  • The customers users must have one of the following Microsoft licenses to order CoreInteract
    – Business Essentials,
    – Business Premium
    – Enterprise E1,E2,E3,E4
    – Teams Exploratory

CoreInteract Ordering Process

Once logged in, the Service Portal home screen will be displayed

In the reseller section, search for the customer who is requesting the CoreInteract service.

Highlight the customer and assume the role of reseller by selecting the person icon; (reference #1).  The screen will automatically refresh to give you a view of that customer profile.

Select the Customer Profile you wish to add CoreInteract to in the service section.  Click on the CoreInteract Service and select Submit.

A pop-up window will appear which will allow you to fully configure the order. 

Enter the Super Admin User email address for the customer.

Click continue.

Note: The super admin user must have one of the following licenses that are listed above.

In the Subscription Details, please note, that this does not reflect how many users or CRM users you are going to be using.

This screen is used to estimate how much CoreInteract will cost you per month for the number of users you would like.

Click continue.

The confirm and order screen is a summary of the estimation you selected in the previous screen and does not reflect how many users you will have set up once CoreInteract is deployed.

Click Order Service.

The order will now be submitted to Altigen to fully configure the system.

A notification email will be sent to the super admin once the system is set up and ready for the customer to start using.

Updated on 28 October 2021

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